Vehicle Accidents

Auto Accident & Injury Cases are Complex. Call an Experienced Attorney.

Auto accidents are complex, and reaching a fair settlement requires the persistence and expertise of an experienced law firm. If you have been in an auto wreck or motorcycle accident, we will fight for fair compensation for the damages you’ve suffered. Don’t hesitate to call our team if you are looking for an experienced car or motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motor vehicle accident cases are evaluated under general negligence principles, which means the offender is alleged to have done something he should not have done or failed to do something he should have done and, as a result, the defendant caused the crash. For example, most rear-end collisions result from the defendant’s failure to keep a proper lookout, failure to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of him, and driving too fast under the circumstances, while most intersection crashes result from the defendant driver’s failure to obey traffic control devices (signs and lights), and failing to control speed.

We Handle Virtually Every Type of Transportation-Related Injury

In addition to traditional auto and trucking accidents, we can handle virtually every type of transportation-related injury, including those resulting from train, airplane, bus, boat and personal watercraft crashes. These incidents occur much less frequently, so fewer attorneys are familiar with how to properly handle them. Our attorney is experienced in all modes of transportation and the injuries that result when things go wrong. We know what issues need to be addressed, what resources need to be consulted, what experts need to be hired, and what actions must be taken to ensure that you and your family receive the service and commitment that your case deserves.


Transportation accidents constitute over 40 percent of workplace fatalities nationally every year, making workplace motor vehicle-related incidents consistently the leading cause of work-related fatalities in the United States. Whether you have been injured by a salesperson making business trips, a delivery van driver, a bus driver, trucker, or any type of work vehicle, Valerie Cortinas Fisher can help you recover financial compensation for your damages. When industrial vehicle accidents happen, they can cause severe and life-changing injuries including amputations, back injuries, and paralysis. Industrial vehicle accidents can involve dump trucks, gravel trucks, forklifts, delivery trucks, railroads, tractors, pickup trucks, and other types of vehicles owned and operated by employees on the job. The risk of roadway crashes associated with the on-the-job operation of motor vehicles affects millions of workers and the drivers sharing the roadways with them.

The causes of workplace motor vehicle accidents are many. Poorly maintained and unsafe industrial vehicles cause a significant number of injuries each year. Lack of written safety policies, procedures, and training contribute to driver errors. More and more often, we see distracted driving, impaired driving, and driver fatigue causing catastrophic commercial vehicle accidents.

Often, other lawyers fail to understand the law that will hold employers responsible for the negligent or reckless acts of its employees operating a motor vehicle. Valerie Cortinas Fisher has the experience to investigate and discover all potential parties who may be responsible, thereby increasing our clients’ recoveries. 

glass containing alcohol next to car keys


Motor vehicle accidents, injuries, and fatalities are devastating on their own. But, when innocent people are injured or killed by drunk drivers, multiple parties may be held civilly liable for the damages caused. A “dram shop” is a legal term for any business that serves alcohol to the general public.

The Texas Dram Shop Act helps victims hold businesses accountable when they over-serve patrons, resulting in a subsequent accident. Our team of experienced trial lawyers cares about holding local and national businesses accountable when they place profits ahead of community safety. Liquor-induced accidents are preventable when servers are responsible. When they are not, lives are placed at risk.