Criminal Defense

You Have the Right to Defend Yourself if You are Charged with a Crime.

Court can be intimidating but our attorney can help you navigate through the criminal justice system, assert your legal defense, and ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Valerie Cortinas Fisher Law is equipped to handle criminal defense cases of any nature. She has the knowledge needed to defend you if you’ve been charged with any of the crimes below. For representation in your criminal defense case, contact our team today.


A bail bond is an amount of money that allows someone arrested for a crime to be released before their next court date under the condition of being present for said court date. The bond may include various bond conditions as terms to your release. Since bail is often set at a high amount and most individuals are not financially able to post bail themselves our attorney can assist in filing for a motion to reduce a person’s bond amount that has already been set by a judge.

If you have an active warrant for your arrest, our attorney can attempt to negotiate a satellite bond that gets you magistrated and have a bond set for you without resulting in your arrest.


Driving offenses, or traffic offenses, occur when an individual is operating a motor vehicle and the state or city alleges that you committed a crime while doing so. This includes, but is not limited to minor traffic violation, hit and runs, vehicular assault, vehicular manslaughter/homicide, DUI/DWI and Intoxicated Manslaughter/Intoxicated Assault.


Drug violations include possessing, distributing, or trafficking of an illegal substance (controlled substances, marijuana and other nonprescription drugs). These charges can result in heavy fines and jail time.


White-collar crimes are normally not violent but involve a person using their position to commit a crime. These crimes normally involve financial gain such as bribery, fraud & forgery, embezzlement, money laundering and more.


Guns and weapons charges can both be felonies and misdemeanors depending on the circumstance. These charges include carrying of a weapon, unlawful possession, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated robbery involving a firearm, deadly conduct and more.

glass containing alcohol next to car keys


Theft is defined by Texas Penal Code as taking someone else’s property without consent. This encompasses burglary, shoplifting, and bad checks. Theft also includes buying/accepting stolen property. According to the law, even if you did not physically steal it, if it was in your possession at one point that is theft.

As for shoplifting and burglary, this charge is only valid if you acted with criminal intent.

A theft charge, whether misdemeanor or felony, carries consequences beyond just the charge you are facing, in that a conviction will be used for enhancement purposes in the future should you pick up another theft charge.


Internet crimes, or cybercrimes, are serious charges that can include identity theft, internet fraud, illegal downloading and solicitation of a minor. These charges require an experienced lawyer like Valerie to lead you through the process of the criminal justice system and defend your case.


Property damage can range from smashing car/house windows, spraying graffiti on a building, or simply throwing food products at someone’s car or house; otherwise known as criminal mischief. These offenses, however, should never be taken lightly because they are deliberate damage or destruction to someone else’s property and can result in fines, jail time or both.


Juvenile charges can include gang-related crimes, theft and shoplifting, assault, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, vandalism, and graffiti, among other crimes. No matter the charge, Valerie Cortinas Fisher is dedicated to working closely with the parents and child to pursue the best outcome for their future.


Sex crimes include a range of offenses such as sexual assault and public indecency. Being convicted of these crimes have a lifelong effect on employment and other opportunities and can result in jail time. The prosecution has the burden of proving its case beyond an reasonable doubt and hiring an attorney like Valerie will ensure that you are seen and heard.


Violation of parole/probation/bond conditions are serious offenses that can result in a return to jail or prison and picking up a new case as a result of the alleged violation. Protect your rights and freedom by hiring Valerie as your attorney.